Speed Taxi

Rruga Ibrahim Rugova, Tirana, Albania
+355 4 222 2555

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Aware of the responsibility of this service, the SPEED TAXI “Five Stars” offers all the necessary conditions for a safe, guaranteed, and comfortable ride to the destination. The company’s vehicles are of the SKODA Superb type, produced in 2016, and equipped with all the necessary accessories to provide quality and safety during travel.

The company carries out daily vehicle checks at the service point to assure the condition of the vehicle before any movement. The company cares that the driver of the vehicle is equipped with the identification mark, the uniform, be in the proper health condition and capable of driving the vehicle with maximum responsibility by applying the 100% road rules.

Through the GPS system the vehicle is monitored in real-time over the movement, location, vehicle speed settings and history of movement by escorting step by step your trip, colleague or your relatives.

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